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Components of Drip Irrigation

Components of Drip Irrigation That You Need to Know

Water Pump Head Control Unit *By pass value * Non-return value *Air release value *Filters (sand/screen/hydro-cyclone) *Fertigation Equipments *Throttle value *Pressure gauge Water Carrier system *PVC pipeline (main, submain, laterals) *Control value *Flush value Water Distribution System *Drippers/Emitters *Grommet *Nipple *End cap Explanation of Components Water Source: There are two types of water sources *Standing water source such as Dam,

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Drip Irrigation

Importance of Drip Irrigation With Merits and Demerits

Drip irrigation is also known as trickle irrigation, is an irrigation method that saves water and fertilizers by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants on the soil surface. IMPORTANCE OF DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM To supply the water near the roots as per as possible. To supply the water as per the requirement of crops in specified

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