Components of Drip Irrigation That You Need to Know

Components of Drip Irrigation

Water Pump

Head Control Unit

*By pass value
* Non-return value
*Air release value
*Filters (sand/screen/hydro-cyclone)
*Fertigation Equipments
*Throttle value
*Pressure gauge

Water Carrier system

*PVC pipeline (main, submain, laterals)
*Control value
*Flush value

Water Distribution System

*End cap

Explanation of Components

Water Source:

There are two types of water sources
*Standing water source such as Dam, Pond, Well.
*Running water source such as River, Canal, Stream.

Water Pump:

The pump should be selected on head discharge. High head gives low discharge, low head gives high discharge.

Head Control Unit:

*By Pass value:

It is installed after the pump. It is compulsory in the drip system and sprinkler system. It is used to bypass extra quality of flow from main line to the water source.

* Non-return value:

It is installed after bypass. It is installed on every 300-400meters distance on main line and it is again installed on submain also.

*Air release value:

Available in two sizes 1inch, 2inch. It is installed at higher elevation on mainline. It is installed at every 300-400meters distance on pipe line. It sealing pressure is 0.3 kg/cm2.


Filters are used for removable of heavier impurities in water.

#Sand Filters:

Sand filters are used to remove the fine particles and sand in water.

#Screen Filters:

Screen filters are used to remove the algae plants and other particles to prevent from clogging of the system.

#Hydro cyclone Filter:

This filter is also called Centrifugal filter. Centrifugal filters are effective in filtering the sand, fine gravel and other high-density materials.

*Fertigation Equipments:

#Fertigation tank:

Fertigation tank is used to flow of chemical and fertilizer mixture. Available in 30, 60, 90, 120 160 litres capacity.It is made up of Mild Steel. Separate valves are provided on the inlet and outlet to control the injection rate.

#Venturi Injector:

Venturi Injector is made of plastic. Economical and low-cost option. Available in 3/4″ inlet/outlet connection.

*Throttle value:

It regulates the flow of water. Available in 2inches and 3 inches

*Pressure gauge:

The pressure gauge is a device for indicating pressure in a filter system provides a determination for how the system operating and inform us when service required.

Water Carrier System

*PVC pipeline:

1) Mainline:
Available in 63mm, 75mm, 90mm sizes. It is installed in 3feets below the ground surface. It transfers water from mainline to sub mainline.

2) Sub main line:
Available in 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm sizes. It is installed 2feets below the ground surface. It transfers water from sub mainline to laterals.

3) Lateral line:
Available in 12mm, 16mm, 20mm. It transfers water from laterals to drippers.

*Control value:

Available in 20-90mm sizes. Used to flow control, in irrigating and water supply pipe lines.

*Flush value:

It is installed one feet above the ground level. Available sizes are 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm. Its purpose is to flush the impurity from submain.

Water Distribution System


Inlet pressure is 1kg/cm2. It is used for the outlet of water drops.


Used to connect laterals and submain. Available in 128mm, 1613mm, 2013mm.


PVC nipples are used to connect the other two pipes.

*End cap:

Available in 12, 16, 20mm. Its purpose is to stop the end of laterals.

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