Day to Day Usage of AI Features in Your Mobile

AI impact on daily lifestyle

Camera: Your Selfie Mirror

Mobile becomes a synonym for Camera nowadays. For people like regular party catchers, the phone plays major roles in capturing their memorable moments. On every aspects like Pixels, focus options, video quality mobile is replacing cameras.

So coming to the features of mobile cameras we seeing day by day many advanced features are adding on. Based on location, area and time we see many options like brightness, the focus is changing automatically. Beautify options and different mask features are added many of the mobile cameras all these works with AI-based functionalities.

Text editors:

As and when we start using our new mobile gadget and type a message, typing editors starts capturing the words we type in a sequence and give predictions on our next message editings. Message typing become faster as we get words we are going to type in prediction. This is a super cool feature based on AI in the message side. Swiftkey AI-based text editor gives you more accurate autocorrect and predictions by learning your writing style. Its hassle-free swipe typing from letter to letter gives a new experience in text typing.

Flesky is another keyboard with nemours options like one-touch button, hotkeys, different themes. Google’s handwriting input and keyboard are also few others to check

AI-based chipsets to work more efficiently:

Several smartphones now are designed to suit the AI-based hardware. In simpler terms, the chipset used for processing include neural processing which will be helpful for fast image changing data.
Huawei showed its first AI presence in mobile chipsets by introducing in its latest version of smartphones like Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s with KIRIN 980 CPU. And the Apple with its iPhone XS’s A12 Bionic CPU. Qualcomm lined up with its AI-based chipsets into the market with Snapdragon 845 chipset

AI-based Assistants born from mobile – Google Assitant, Siri, Alexa:

Most promising voice based services from the current range of smart phones. Voice based assistants become more and more familiar with our daily routines as much we use to accomplish the task.

Images are big pieces of content we usually check a lot of times on our phone. AI-based phones made the Album gallery more customized to have a better experience. Segregation of images based on location and dates. some photo editors make short videos automatically based on same and related pictures. We even see throwback pics notified on the dates on past years by photo editors like google photos.

Latest features:

Google’s “Playnow” in Pixel3 is the best way to recognise music by always-on mode. And “Call Screener” feature in Pixel3 handles your call when you are busy and gives you the conversion in text format for you to call back if required.

Project Euphonia in Andriod Q is a speech-to-text transcription

“Smart Reply” in Andriod Q which enables users to reply messages from notification Pane with auto prediction technology.

AI BASED App to try:

Youper: Your Emotional Health Assitant (Available on Andriod and IOS stores)

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